To Crop or Not to Crop…..That is the Question
In Ontario, we still have the right to choose if we crop our dog's ears. Everyone has an opinion, but does everyone have the facts to make an educated decision? We have come up with a pros and cons list for cropping a Neapolitan Mastiffs ears.

Ness with cropped ears
Wolverine with natural ears
  • Can reduce the likelihood of ear infection - Air circulating in the ear helps keep ears from being moist. Unfortunately, chronic ear infections usually have an underlying cause like allergies and cropping won't help with that.
  • Ears won’t rip during rough play with other dogs - Surprisingly not a rare occurrence
  • No hematomas - Hematomas in the ear are very painful and are caused by dogs shaking their heads during an ear infection. Sometimes they clear up on their own, but sometimes they need to be drained by a veterinarian.
  • Neo’s have a higher chance of issues with anesthetic
  • You lose their velvety soft ears
  • Stigma with choosing to crop - unfortunately this is an issue
There is no right or wrong choice, it’s just a matter of taste. The most important thing when choosing to crop your Neo’s ears is to make sure your breeder is using a Veterinarian that has Neapolitan Mastiff experience to reduce the risks of surgery. For more information on the Neapolitan Mastiffs we breed, check us out at www.titanidelnord.com!

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