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Peanut Butter Coconut Supplement Treat Recipe

Neapolitan Mastiffs are the Kings and Queens of refusing pills. That pill you thought they had eaten shows up hours later after being stashed in their pendulous lips. Giving them daily supplements can be VERY challenging.

There are many products that you can sprinkle on their food, but that means combining numerous products that are usually quite a bit more expensive. My solution is to put those supplements in a delicious treat! I haven’t met a dog yet that isn’t a fan of these delicious peanut butter coconut oil bites.
These are super easy to make and can be stored in the fridge or freezer for months!

You will need a silicone mold that holds at least 1 tablespoon of liquid in each section. The one I purchased was from amazon, but any mold of that size will work.

I add 3 supplements to these treats. The first two are glucosamine/chondroitin/msm tablets and sodium ascorbate (vitamin c) crystals for joint health. The amount of supplements to support joint health in commercial dog food doesn’t come close to what a dog needs to maintain the resiliency and health of their joints and connective tissue. I purchase my glucosamine tablets at Costco and my Vitamin C from Amazon. The reason I buy sodium ascorbate over other types of vitamin c is because this type is absorbed best.

The third supplement I add is called Nature’s Farmacy Ultimate. This is a fantastic multivitamin for dogs that is made with delicious dried organic coconut. This recipe is at half dose since commercial kibbles have some supplements in them already. In Canada the Nature’s Farmacy products are available at Copperhollow Enterprises and in the USA you can find it on the Nature’s Farmacy website or places like Chewy.

Introduce your dogs to the Vitamin C and Ultimate supplements gradually. If given at full dose right away you may be in for some loose stools!

To bind these treats I use peanut butter just for flavour, and cold processed virgin coconut oil for its immune system boosting powers.



Yield: 10 treats

  • - ½ tsp ultimate supplement
  • - 1/8 tsp sodium ascorbate (should equal .5g vitamin c)
  • - ½ pill Glucosamine Chondroitin & MSM 500/400/400 (ground in coffee grinder)
  • - 35 ml Smooth Peanut Butter
  • - 100 ml Coconut oil

Add first 4 ingredients (the supplements) right into each section of the mold. In a microwave safe bowl, heat smooth peanut butter in the microwave until it has a more liquid consistency. Add the coconut oil to the peanut butter and mix until fully melted. Fill each section of your mold with the liquid mixture. Take a toothpick and stir each section to make sure the ultimate supplement is saturated with the oil. Refrigerate or freeze to harden.


Option #1


  • Omit Peanut butter.
  • -Add 30ml more coconut oil (melt very slowly to keep antioxidants).
  • -Add a couple fresh or frozen blueberries to each section of the mold before filling with oil.

The blueberries in this version add antioxidants to the treats

Option #2


  • -Omit Peanut butter.
  • -Add 25 ml more coconut oil
  • -Add 1 tbsp tumeric to liquid coconut oil
  • -Add a couple fresh or frozen blueberries to each section of the mold before filling with oil.

Tumeric is great for arthritis and joint pain due to it’s anti-inflammatory nature.


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