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Why #adoptandshop Should Be The Trending Hashtag

The unpredictable outcomes of rescuing may not be ideal for many families. Through no fault of their own, the dogs can have some serious baggage and may not be a great option for people with young children. Hidden fears and behaviors can even be dangerous.

The good news is, there is another option! You can buy a dog from a reputable breeder.

The temperament of purebred dogs bred by reputable breeders can be counted on. Breeders put in a lot of effort making the dogs they produce conform to the breed standard as closely as possible, preserving the breed. Dogs are removed from breeding programs if they are producing puppies that are straying from the standard.

By buying from a reputable breeder you are also making an investment towards a more sound dog. Now, to say that you are guaranteed a Neo that will have perfect health for it’s entire lifetime would be a lie. But, if you are buying from a breeder that health tests the parents and tracks litters for hereditary issues, you are less likely to have those issues come out in your dog.

A quick side note: buying a registered purebred dog does not mean the breeder is reputable and has taken the time and effort to breed to standard, better their line or try and decrease the chances of hereditary issues. Check out the end of this post for 8 red flags to watch for when looking for a reputable breeder.

You can feel good about buying from a reputable breeder since they are not adding to the problem of dogs ending up in shelters. They screen potential families and educate them to make sure they know the good and the bad about the breed they are interested in. Breeders also go to great lengths to make sure their puppies do not end up in shelters through microchips, their contracts, and keeping in touch with the adoptive families. While it is hopeful that those buying a puppy do so with the intent of keeping them forever, good breeders will always take back their puppies if the families can’t have them anymore, no matter the reason.

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